Frequently Ask Questions

Why use XIERRA Thermal Pants?

  • Burns more calorie
  • Enhances sweat production
  • Reduce the size of thighs, hips & waist
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Optimizes workout time
  • Comfortable & dry on the outside
  • High quality laminate & stitching material
  • Attractive color

How does sweating help you burn more calories?

When you're involved in a heart-pumping workout, your body's core temperature starts to heat up. It is the work that you're engaging in that burn the calories while sweating is just a side effect of the workout. It's your body's reaction to the rise in temperature, an attempt to cool itself down by releasing the heat through your pores in the form of moisture. That moisture cools you as it evaporates from your skin. However, in order to produce 1 gram of sweat 0.568 calorie is needed. This means the act of sweating contributes to calorie burning.

Furthermore, this is a huge advantage for those who are trying to get rid of water weight. Water weight occurs when your body retains extra water between your cells. This commonly happen due to excess carbohydrate & salt intake. Water weight can be reduced by sweating. However, there are some people that sweat much lesser than the others. This is where our Thermal pants comes in handy as it could help you to produce sweat faster and sweat a lot more than usual.

Does using the pants only will lose weight?

Using the pants only and just sleep or watching TV will not help you to lose weight. YES it will still cause you to sweat more but there is no act of exercise that helps to burn more calorie.

The pants is created to enhance sweat production & burning more calorie while exercising. This indirectly helps to motivate you to exercise even more. Thus a healthy lifestyle should be implemented in order to observe tremendous result.

What if it does not work?

If you have exercised using Thermal Pants and did not sweat at all, we will return your money. The pants must be returned along with the original packaging. We will return your money within 24 hours after receiving the pants. However return policy is only valid within 7 days after receiving the product and client will bear the shipping cost to HQ.

Wrong size?

Do not worry if you get the wrong size. Send it back to us & we will ship another size to you for free but client will bear the shipping cost of their item to HQ. The returned pants must be in original packaging and unwashed. The changing policy is only valid within 7 days after receiving the product. If the wanted size is not in stock, you can make a pre-order or we will return your money.