About us


XIERRA is a brand new sportswear clothing line based in Malaysia. Our vision is to establish XIERRA sportswear in Malaysia as well as around the world. Our main product is XIERRA Thermal Pants. It is made up of neothermal fabric technology & nylon. XIERRA Thermal Pants has tremendous quality along with its unique functionality. Our Thermal Pants is designed specially to enhance sweat production and burn more calories while working out. We have made an intensive research & trials to choose the right material with perfect thickness to make sure it works effectively and yet pleasantly comfortable to wear. XIERRA Thermal Pants has an exceptional neothermal fabric quality in terms of its flexibility & strong stitching. Our unique design with waistband providing more comfort to users allowing better grip on the waist while increasing surface area to promote flexibility &stretchability. The exclusive capri length of our XIERRA Thermal Pants is specially designed to cater more area for fat & calorie burning process, thus providing a more effective result for users.


XIERRA Thermal Pants allow users to :

  • Burns more calorie while exercising or doing house chores
  • Produce more sweat in shorter time
  • Optimize workout time
  • Effectively reducing the size of thighs, hips & waist
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Reduce post workout muscle pain
  • Positive results as early as 1 week
  • Dry & comfortable feeling on the outside
  • Dynamic flexibility

We are helping users to gain more effective results by providing more information on health, diet & fitness. Visit our website to buy XIERRA Thermal Pants & get useful information on how to lose your weight effectively with the proper workout & the right meal plan.